Friday, January 24, 2014

What Is Calm?

"What Is Calm?" is a short story or collection of ideas for children of all ages and adults.  De-stress from your day and unwind as you reveal every serene moment.  Discover and picture each of these peaceful experiences.   Join and experiment by adding your own memories of what is calm.

What Is Calm?
What is calm? 
Calm is a long ocean wave that rolls, spirals, and folds.
Calm is so many deep and full breaths. 
Calm is a walk in the winding woods, crunching each soft step in rhythm.
Calm is a bright green tree swaying gently.
Calm is the surrender to sleeping outside in the fresh air of a warm day.
Calm is Grandma making herbal tea.
Calm are the butterflies fluttering in the fragrant garden.
Calm is the sweet scent of lilac and magnolia trees in full bloom.
Calm is no deadlines and a hammock swinging in a tropical breeze.
Calm is a serenade of summer frogs croaking in harmony.
Calm is Grandpa dozing off in his favorite chair.
Calm are the content birds playing hide and seek.
Calm is a gentle rain sprinkling each leaf.
Calm is a child's teddy bear.
Calm is a lullaby beckoning sleep.

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