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Sparkle's New Home: A Children's Story

This is a children's story starring Sparkle the spunky Shih Tzu puppy who is faced with a confusing dilemma. All of her belongings are missing and her owners tell her she will be moving. Join Jerry, Linda, and little Sparkle on a journey moving from their home to an apartment. Enjoy this adventure that is based on a true story.
Sparkle's New Home
Sparkle yipped as she looked through the window.  She could see the mail carrier walking toward her in a blue skirt that swished with each step.  "Arrrrf", she chirpped to her the friendly greeting.  Sparkle and the mail carrier, Kristy, were good friends and had met many times over the years.  She wagged her tail, sniffed, and pawed lightly at the door.  Kristy delivered the mail and waved at Sparkle through the window.  Sparkle was sad to see her leave.  She went back to chasing her raccoon around with her trusty friend Linda.  Inside their house, things seemed to be changing.
(Picture of Sparkle watching and wagging through the front window.)
Sparkle looked at all the neatly stacked cardboard boxes in the corner of the room.  She raced up and down the long hallway but could not find her pile of toys!  At least she still had her raccoon, squeaky ball, and bone to chew on.  There was even delicious, crunchy food in the dish.

(Picture of room with lots of boxes stacked in the corner. This shows the entrance to the hallway. Sparkle is shown with the objects mentioned here.)

Suddenly, her owner Linda scooped her up in both arms and said, "Sparkle, today you must be very brave as I know you can be! Today we are moving to our new home. I hope you like it dear, fluffy princess!"  Linda patted her head between her two feathery plumes of ears.  Her dense coat of light-gray wispy fur shifted downward as Linda hugged her.  Then it popped back up and propelled itself into place.


Sparkle was curiously waiting as Linda carried some boxes out of the bedroom and brought them toward the front door.  She jumped into the large window and peeked through it as Linda walked into the giant moving van.  She came back into the house.  "You're next Sparkle, sweet girl! You, me, and Jerry are the only ones missing to move to our new place."


She listened to Linda but was now a bit shaken from the bumpy ride in the van.  Linda brought her out of the moving van and into a large building with long, brightly carpeted hallways.  They stepped into the elevator as a friendly neighbor asked, "What floor do you need?"  "Seven, please", Linda answered.  "Well that's a cute doggie you have there. Is she friendly?" the new neighbor asked. "Yes, very!" she answered.

(Picture of the elevator scene with Jerry, Linda, Sparkle, and the neighbor.)

Linda smiled and pet Sparkle to calm her.  Sparkle was still a little nervous but wagged her tail anyway.  She zipped across the new place inspecting each room with her paws barely having time to touch the floor.  They started to unpack their cardboard boxes together.  Jerry looked up at Sparkle from his recliner and asked, "Where do you think my comfortable shoes went?" Sparkle sniffed inside an open box and nearly got her head stuck.  She dragged one brown leather shoe out of the box and all the way across the living room and dropped it at Jerry's feet.  "Good job Sparkle! We'll have everything back where it belongs soon."


"Sparkle, how do you like your new home?" Linda asked.  Sparkle gave a soft, "Arff".  It wasn't so bad.  The neighbors were very nice and had even pet her!  There was the raccoon by the sofa and over by the window was her squeaky ball.  There was a lot of bright sunshine coming through the window.  Sparkle jumped up to it as she squinted and saw a children's playground, beautiful trees, and a walking trail.  Her bone tasted just as delicious as it had earlier that day.  She gnawed it and tossed it on her belly as she rolled from side to side.

(Picture is in contrast to moving day scene with those objects. Sparkle is content.)

Linda and Sparkle both yawned.  They had a long moving day of loading the van, unpacking boxes, and placing many of their items back where they belonged.  Nestled in a blanket, with a giant smile from ear to ear, she curled up and began to drift off at the foot of Linda's bed.

(Picture is two pages together. Sparkle is cozy and has thought bubbles of the day's events.)


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