Tuesday, September 30, 2014

An American Work Project


From a Managerial Perspective

These work encounters are based on true stories.

 The employee in the following story was a quiet employee who turned over the course of months into a hypochondriac with excuses and outrageous ailments turning up each month.

Manager to employee at retail clothing store on a busy weekend night: "Can you ring this woman up, I need to help that man over there find a shirt."  The manager begins to walk away.
Employee: "No, I can't reach the register."
Manager: "What do you mean you can't reach the register?"
Employee: (lackadaisicaly points to her leg) "See, twisted my ankle" (holds up an ice bag)
Manager to woman customer: "I'll get you here Miss." (Manager cuts in front of the sitting employee to use the register. A line is beginning to form at the counter)
Manager whispers to employee: "Why didn't you call in sick?"
Employee: "I did earlier this week. The supervisor said I can't call in sick anymore."
Manager to customer: "There you are. Have a nice day." (hands her the shopping bag)
Manager: "So, what can you do on that?" (points to the injured leg in question)
Employee: "Nothing"
Manager: "Fantastic"