Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Blue Cat Day!

One chilly morning in January, two tabby cats laid in the warm sunshine coming from a large deck window.  Fuzz looked up at the ceiling, his round belly turned up. He licked his orange fur again and again until it was perfectly straightened and clean.

He perched himself on a dining room chair trying to collect his cat thoughts for a few moments.  His favorite toddler Lily came charging out from the living room demanding his attention.  Lily stood with her arms wide apart and her voice rang out.  "Happy Blue Cat Day", she confidently informed Fuzz.  He looked at Lily tilting his head and then lowered himself to the floor.   

Fuzz was shocked.  Blue Cat Day, why hadn't he heard of this?  He looked at his own family suspiciously.  Did his owners forget this holiday?  Did they know about it at all?  They had enjoyed both winter holidays and there was still one left!  That was it!  Now that all the holidays were over, they simply got confused and must have neglected the most important holiday of all- the holiday for cats.  He had to find out how to celebrate Blue Cat Day.

Fuzz decided something must be done about this most important turn of events.  He immediately called to order a cat meeting in the hallway.  "Mew, meow" he called his friend Cami to join him.  Fuzz lurched to his central spot near a closet door.  As President of the OCB, Official Cat Business, he made sure he had the best seat in the house.  The Official Cat Business meeting was now underway. 

The OCB position for Cami was Vice President.  She quickly leaped to her spot beside the basement door; she took her role very seriously.  Cami, a beautiful brown tabby with piercing green eyes, was fearless, lean, and delicate.  Fuzz didn't see her arrive, she just appeared. "Mew" she answered.  Cami noticed Fuzz had an urgent expression on his face.  Still, he took a moment to straighten his whiskers.  Fuzz began, "It seems our family may have forgotten a special holiday, one for us cats to celebrate."  "Hum, a special holiday now?  It's a week after New Year's!" She lowered her emerald green eyes at him.  Cami was wise, beyond her eight years.

She knew to question Fuzz as he had recently seemed bored and had been calling many meetings.  He called meetings because he was hungry.  He had meetings about how to encourage the family to pet them and give them more attention. Fuzz even had meetings because he was irritated and wanted to squabble.  "Yes! The toddler knows of a holiday today that is called Blue Cat Day", Fuzz continued.  "Blue Cat Day, are you sure? I have never heard of such a thing as a blue cat. What could Lily be talking about?"  Cami was puzzled.  "She seemed quite confident when she told me the news." Fuzz insisted.  "What could blue cat mean, Fuzz? I have met many kinds of cats. There are no blue ones." 
She knowingly licked her paw. 

"I know, that is the one part I don't understand. However, a celebration of cats makes complete sense", Fuzz insisted.  "Meow, exactly", Cami agreed.  "What do you suggest as a course of action to take?" Fuzz asked.  "You ask me, but you are President", said Cami.  "Yes, but you are the alpha cat", he replied.  "Agreed. The course of action will be to sneak around and find out what Blue Cat Day means. Then, we should question the family leaders as to their lack of involvement."  Cami was settled and happy with herself. 

The cats immediately went to their new tasks.  They saw their two family leaders in the living room.  Fuzz jumped onto a sofa and Cami sat on a bookcase.  They watched and watched as nothing happened.  Their owners sat there fixed on the television.  Suddenly, Lily came into the room toward Fuzz and again announced, "Happy Blue Cat Day".  The two family leaders laughed.  Cami gave a slight head nod of approval to Fuzz.  His story was matching up.  They drew closer to their family owners. 

Cami stared unflinching at the man, Jake.  Fuzz closed in on the woman, Natalie, also staring as he purred loudly.  "What's up guys, do you need food?" Natalie guessed.  Fuzz stopped purring and stared more fiercely than before.  "Are you two worried about Blue Cat Day?" Jake asked.  Jake and Natalie laughed.  Cami nudged Jake several times.  Fuzz purred louder.  "Happy...Blue Cat Day", exclaimed Lily.  Toddler Lily was thrilled as she got a blue crayon out of her box and began looking through her animal coloring book.  "Meow. She is making us decorations for our party", Fuzz told Cami.  Cami locked eyes with Fuzz in agreement.  "Well, I guess we could celebrate it", said Natalie. 

The cats relaxed.  All their hard work was coming to life before their eyes!  "Let me get you two some of your special food."  Natalie petted them as they argued a little over who could have the most of the tender morsel treats to eat.   They speedily licked the delicious sauce out of the dish.  They paused only to clean up the tasty spots that had splashed from the dish onto the fur of their heads and faces.  They discovered there was a celebration of cats today.  Fuzz and Cami were relieved.  They had almost lost the opportunity to celebrate being a cat.  After they had finished every last morsel, they continued to look out the window for the mysterious blue cat that made their holiday. They wondered when and if they would see one.  They spent the rest of the day getting much more attention and pettings from Jake and Natalie than usual.  Fuzz and Cami were satisfied.